Keywords: Machine learning, neuroimaging, neuroinformatics, neural network, kunstig intelligens, Big data, sociale medier

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Lars Kai Hansen


Head of Section Cognitive Systems

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

- DTU Compute
Address: Richard Petersens Plads B321, Office 012

Postal address: Richard Petersens Plads B324
Technical University of Denmark
DK-2800 Lyngby, DENMARK.

Tel: (+45) 4525 3889;

Twitter: @Tweetteresearch


Director THOR Center for Neuroinformatics

Smartphone EEG brain scanner

CIMBI - Funded by the Lundbeck foundation,  Brede search engine.

PI Responsible Business in the Blogosphere

Affect and virality in Twitter

Member The Danish Council for Independent Research |

Technology and Production Sciences (FTP)


Selected Talks 2012-13

IPAM Workshop on Multimodal Neuroimaging (UCLA, March 6, 2013)

            "Mobile Real-Time EEG Imaging" pdf

Swartz Center for Computational Neuro Science (UCSD, Jan 19).

            “EEG Imaging by Sparse Source Reconstruction”

Facebook (Palo Alto, Jan 22, 2013)

            “The Cognitive Components of Digital Media” pdf

Keynote 10th international workshop on Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval (Royal School of Library, Oct 24, 2012).

                        “The Cognitive Components of Digital Media” pdf

BBCI Summer School (TU Berlin, Sep 21)

Resampling based methods for design and evaluation of neurotechnology  Web site w. slides

Keynote 9th Sound and Music Computing Conference (Aalborg Univ., Jul 14)

            “The Cognitive Components of Audio Spaces” pdf

Workshop on Neural Data Analysis (Radboud University Nijmegen, Jul 6)

            “Sparse non-linear denoising of fMRI data” pdf

SICSA Summer School (Glasgow Univ., Jun 13)

            “Personal State Decoding” Link (pdf’s, code)

Keynote 3rd Workshop on Cognitive Information Processing CIP 2012 (Spain, May 30)

            “Attention as a machine learning problem” pdf

Institutionen för Psykologi Seminar (Lund Univ., Mar 30)

“Cognitive representations: What can we learn from machine learning?” pdf

MTV Tech Talk (Google, Jan 27)

            “Good Friends, Bad News - Affect and Virality in Twitter” pdf

UCSD AI seminar (UCSD, Jan 23)

            “Learning from small samples in high dimensions” pdf

INC Chalk Talk, Institute for Neural Computation (UCSD, Jan 19)

            “Sparse non-linear denoising of fMRI data” pdf


Big Data: Visions & critique


Politikens Kronik Fredag 9. august 2013 (in Danish)

Indeni, udenpå (udvidet version, med referencer)


DTU MAN IPU Seminar:  Big Data – Big Science   March 12, 2014 (pdf)


Other current research issues:

Top-down attention as a machine learning problem

Small samples in high-dimensions (variance inflation)

Cognitive component analysis

Functional neuroimaging (with access to the 'lyngby' toolbox)

Modeling EEG using PARAFAC


Publications:  280+ papers in journals, books, and conferences

Citations in Google Scholar     Publications in DTU Orbit       

Google Scholar profile (H=46, 10500 citations)  

Press (International) / Medieomtale (in Danish)


Brief biography: LKH has a PhD in physics (University of Copenhagen, 1986). He worked on industrial vision/neural nets from 1987-1990, with Andrex Radiation Products A/S. With the Technical University of Denmark since 1990, full professor 2000. (Download full CV and publication list updated Sep 2011).

Since 1981 married to Connie Bork - poetry in Danish

Key publications:

T.J. Abrahamsen, L.K. Hansen: A Cure for Variance Inflation in High Dimensional Kernel Principal Component Analysis.

Journal of Machine Learning Research 12:2027−2044, (2011)


D. J. Jacobsen, L. K. Hansen, K. H. Madsen: Bayesian Model Comparison in Nonlinear BOLD fMRI Hemodynamics.

Neural Computation 20:738-755 (2008).


R. K. Olsson and L. K. Hansen: Linear State-Space Models for Blind Source Separation

Journal of Machine Learning Research 7:2585—2602 (2006).


M. Moerup, L. K. Hansen, C. S. Hermann, J. Parnas, S. M. Arnfred,

Parallel Factor Analysis an exploratory tool for wavelet transformed event-related EEG

NeuroImage 29(3): 938-947 (2006).


M. McKeown, L.K. Hansen, and T.J. Sejnowski:

Independent Component Analysis for fMRI: What is Signal and What is Noise?

Current Opinion in Neurobiology Vol.13(5) 620-629 (2003).


P.A.d.F.R. Hojen-Sorensen, O. Winther, and L.K. Hansen.

Mean Field Approaches for Independent Component Analysis

Neural Computation 14:889-918 (2002).


U. Kjems, L.K. Hansen, J. Anderson, S. Frutiger, S. Muley, J. Sidtis, D. Rottenberg, and S.C. Strother.

The Quantitative Evaluation of Functional Neuroimaging Experiments: Mutual Information Learning Curves.

NeuroImage 15(4): 772-786 (2002)


S.C. Strother, J. Anderson, L.K. Hansen, U. Kjems, R. Kustra, J. Sidtis, S. Frutiger, S. Muley, S. LaConte, and D. Rottenberg:

The Quantitative Evaluation of Functional Neuroimaging Experiments:  The NPAIRS Data Analysis Framework.

NeuroImage 15(4):747-771 (2002).


L.K. Hansen: Bayesian Averaging is Well-Temperated

In Proceedings of NIPS*99, S.S.\ Solla et al. (eds.), 265-271 (2000)


N. Lange, S.C. Strother, J.R. Anderson, F.AA. Nielsen, A.P. Holmes, T. Kolenda,

R. Savoy, L.K. Hansen: Plurality and Resemblance in fMRI Data Analysis.

NeuroImage, 10(3): 282-303 (1999)


L.K. Hansen, J. Larsen, F.AA. Nielsen, S.C. Strother, E. Rostrup, R. Savoy,

N. Lange, J.J. Sidtis, C. Svarer, O.B. Paulson: Generalizable Patterns in Neuroimaging:

How Many Principal Components? NeuroImage 9: 534-544 (1999).


L.K. Hansen and P. Salamon: Neural Network Ensembles.

IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 12: 993-1001 (1990).


Download of preprints/papers from the publication repository.

(1994-2001 in the local repository, from 2001 in the IMM system)


For students


Supervisor (PhD-student, research area, funding):

Rasmus Troelsgaard

Audio informatics

CoSound, DsF

Bjarne Wahlgreen

Advertising informatics


Kristian Klinkby

Medical signal processing


Sofie Therese Hansen

Medical signal processing


Kasper Winther Jørgensen

Medical signal processing

Hvidovre Hospital DRCMR

Former Phd-students: 

Toke Jansen Hansen


Trine Abrahamsen

DTU Postdoc

Tue Herlau

DTU PhD student

Peter Mondrup Rasmussen

Aarhus University

Carsten Stahlhut

DTU postdoc

Marcin Szewczyk

Anders Petersen

Teknologisk Institut

Ling Feng

Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen

Andreas Brinch Nielsen


Rasmus Elsborg Madsen

Hyposafe A/S

Tim Dyrby

Hvidovre Hospital MR

Morten Moerup


Kristoffer Hougaard Madsen

Hvidovre Hospital MR

Tue Lehn Schioeler


Rasmus K. Olsson

GN Netcom

Esben Hoegh Rasmussen


Mads Dyrholm

Columbia University

Kaare Brandt Petersen


Irene Klaerke Andersen

CFIN Aarhus

Lars Nonboe Andersen


Peter Magnus Noergaard


Torben Fog

M.A.N. B&W

Maarten Keijzer

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Preben Kidmose


Thomas Kolenda


Thomas Fabricius

Engineering College of Aarhus

Ulrik Kjems


Bjorn Steen Larsen


Mads Hintz Madsen


Niels Moerch


Karam Sidaros

Hvidove Hospital

Peter A. Philipsen

Bispebjerg Hospital

Nikola Schou


Pedro Hoejen Soerensen


Peter Toft


Thorkild Find Petersen

Bruel & Kjaer, ATV

Finn Aarup Nielsen


Siggi Sigurdsson


Robin de Nijs

Medical signal processing

Morten With Pedersen


Claus Svarer


Anna Szymkowiak

Datamining, SAXO Bank

Joaquin Quinonero

Microsoft Research UK

Sune Lehmann

North Eastern Univ, Boston

Daniel Jacobsen

Decision3, Thorshavn

Frederik Brink Nielsen

ISG Denmark




Early work on Independent Component Analysis (ICA)

see also the publication repository , or NEC's citeseer



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