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Download call for paper (PDF).

Thanks to the sponsorship of IEEE Signal Processing Society and IEEE Neural Network Council, the eleventh of a series of IEEE workshops on Neural Networks for Signal Processing will be held in Falmouth, Massachusetts, at the SeaCrest Oceanfront Resort and Conference Center. The workshop will feature keynote addresses, technical presentations and panel discussions.

Papers are solicited for, but not limited to, the following areas:

Algorithm and Architectures:
Artificial neural networks (ANN), adaptive signal processing, Bayesian modeling, MCMC, generalization, design algorithms, optimization, parameter estimation, nonlinear signal processing, Markov models, fuzzy systems (FS), evolutionary computation (EC), synergistic models of ANN/FS/EC, and wavelets.
Speech processing, image processing, sonar and radar, data fusion, intelligent multimedia and web processing, OCR, robotics, adaptive filtering, blind source separation, communications, sensors, system identification, and other general signal processing and pattern recognition applications.
Parallel and distributed implementation, hardware design, and other general implementation technologies.



Submission of full paper:April 15, 2001
Notification of acceptance:May 15, 2001
Submission of photo-ready accepted paper and author registration:June 10, 2001
Advanced registration, before:August 24, 2001



Camera-ready submission deadline is June 10, 2001.

In order to get the paper published, it is required that at least one author register for the workshop before June 15th.
Also notice that a signed copyright form together with a backup copy must be mailed to the publication chair no later than June 10th.

Please complete all steps in the procedure below.

Camera-ready submission procedure:

  1. Prepare a camera ready manuscript of max. 10 pages in accordance with the Author's Kit.

    Please carefully comply with instructions in author's kit. Papers which do not fulfil the requirements can not be published.

    Download LATEX files for preparation of camera-ready manuscript in accordance with guidelines in Author's Kit:

    Sample LATEX2e file (sample.tex)
    Download LATEX2e syle file (nnsp2e.sty)
    Download LATEX bst file (nnsp.bst)

    (Use e.g., right mouse click "save as" to download)

  2. Fill in and sign the IEEE copyright form. One copy is mailed to the address mentioned in step 4.

    Download copyright form:

    IEEE copyright form in ASCII format (ieeecopyrightform.txt)
    IEEE copyright form in RTF format (ieeecopyrightform.rtf)

    (Use e.g., right mouse click "save as" to download)

  3. Paper Upload: Click here to upload the electronic version of your paper.

    Supported paper file formats are:

    • PostScript (PS)
    • Portable Document Format (PDF)

      Obtain more info on file formats.
    This includes conversion of MS Word files into PS.

  4. Create 1 backup printed copy of the manuscript.

    Only in the unexpeted case of problems with the electronically uploaded paper the printed backup copy will be used.

  5. One copy of the printed manuscript together with one copy of a signed copyright should no later than June 10th be mailed to:

    NOTICE!  If this step is disregarded the paper unfortunately will not be published in the proceedings

    For special courier (Fed Ex, UPS, and others)

    Prof. Scott C. Douglas
    Department of Electrical Engineering
    School of Engineering and Applied Science
    Southern Methodist University
    3145 Dyer Street, Room 329C
    Dallas, TX 75275 USA
    Phone: (+1) 214 768 3113

    For surface mail

    Prof. Scott C. Douglas
    Department of Electrical Engineering
    School of Engineering and Applied Science
    Southern Methodist University
    P.O. Box 750338
    Dallas, TX 75275 USA