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The NNSP-2002 is organized by organized by IDIAP, will be held in Martigny, Switzerland, at the Hôtel du Parc - Centre du Congres.

Hôtel du Parc
Avenue Pres-Beudin 20
CH-1920 Martigny
Phone: +41 27 720 1818
Fax: +41 27 720 1819
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The best way to get to NNSP is to first fly to the Geneva airport (Zurich could also be an alternative, but would then require 3.5 hours train ride to get to Martigny).

You also have bullet trains from Paris to Geneva, or very cheap flights from London and Amsterdam to Geneva by EasyJet.

From Geneva Airport you take a train (train station directly inside the airport) direction "Lausanne-Brig" (sometimes says "Brig-Milan"). There are direct trains about every 30 minutes, and it will be a 1h40 train ride to get the Martigny.

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Once at the Martigny train station, you can walk to the conference center (you can find a couple of signs saying "Centre du Parc" in the train station, downstairs). It would be about 10 minutes walk. Otherwise you take a cab.