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The workshop is held at the University of Sydney Campus

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Buses are the preferred method of travel for delegates moving between hotels, the conference venue and Sydney Airport. The following information is intended to help delegates find their way to and from places of interest during the conference.

The Central Business District (CBD) of Sydney is bordered to its north by Sydney Harbour and to its south by Sydney Central Railway Station. Central Railway station is the largest station in Sydney and a key bus-train interchange, although 6 other train stations are present within the CBD. These stations are Wynyard, Circular Quay, Town Hall, Martin Place, Museum & St. James.

The University of Sydney is about 2kms south of Central Railway Station.

When speaking to bus drivers and taxi drivers, please be sure to specify Sydney University. The city of Sydney has a number of universities, it is easy to be taken to the wrong one. Maps of Sydney and travel directions can be obtained from most major hotels and the airport.

Taxis in Sydney are quite safe, and may be easily caught at the airport. The cost of a trip by taxi from the airport to a hotel in the CBD would be about $20-30 depending on traffic.

If you have any questions about Sydney please contact the Registration and Local Arrangements Chair, Stuart Perry at


Airport to CBD

The Airport Express Bus Service will take travellers to and from the International and Domestic Terminals of the Airport to hotels in Glebe, the CBD and Kings Cross. The travel time is about 20 to 30 mins. The buses cost $6.50 for a one-way trip and $11.00 for a return ticket (valid for one month). Please remember to tell the driver which city hotel you are staying in, so that he can direct you to your hotel.

Route 300 goes to Circular Quay and most city hotels.
Route 350 goes to Kings Cross and hotels in that area.
Route 352 goes to Glebe/Pyrmont and hotels in that area.
Route 305 goes to Central Station (slower but cheaper, costing about $3.70 - one way).

Delegates staying closer to the University, at St. Paul's College and Broadway University Inn are instructed to get off the bus at Central and catch other bus services to the University. All the above bus routes will stop at Central Station.

A train service between Central Station and the International and Domestic terminals of the airport is also available. The trains come relatively frequently and cost about $10 for a one-way trip. At Central Station, you may change trains to travel to the station within the CBD closest to your hotel.

CBD to Sydney University

Circular Quay to Sydney University
Circular Quay is at the north end of the CBD and is close to the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Ferry Services crossing Sydney Harbour. A large bus interchange is present here and the cost of traveling to Sydney University will be about $3.10 and take about 25-30 mins.

The following buses go to Sydney University:

Route 423 (Departs Stand A)
Route 470 (Departs Stand B)
Route 436 (Departs Stand B)
Route 440 (Departs Stand B)

Wynyard District to Sydney University
Wynyard Railway station is just south of Circular Quay and is close to many city hotels. Buses can usually be caught along Pitt St, or George St. The cost will be about $3.10 and take 15-20 mins.

The following buses go to Sydney University:

Route 431 (George St)
Route L38 (George St)
Route 470 (George St)
Route 428 (Pitt St)
Route 423 (Pitt St)

Town Hall to Sydney University
Town Hall Railway station is south of Wynyard and is the second largest in Sydney. It is situated beneath historic Sydney Town Hall and St. Andrews Cathedral. Buses may be caught along George St and will cost about $3.10. The trip will take about 10-15 mins.

The following buses go to Sydney University:

Route 413
Route 431
Route L38
Route 412
Route 461

Central Station to Sydney University
Central Station is very large with two bus interchanges. The Airport Express Services arrive and depart at Eddy Avenue, while the majority of buses to Sydney University use the interchange at the intersection of Broadway Road and George St. Almost all the bus services listed above from Circular Quay, Wynyard and Town Hall will stop at Central Station at the Broadway Road interchange before continuing past Sydney University. If you become confused, proceed into Central Railway Station and ask Station staff to direct you to the correct bus stop. Buses caught here will cost about $2.50 and take about 5-10 mins to reach Sydney University.