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Thor's hammer Mjollnir is used as a logo for this site. Mjollnir is a magic tool - well, just like neural networks. The texture reflects the two facets of neuroinformatics: the development of tools inspired by the brain, such as artificial neural networks, and application of these tools to the study of the brain.  
Thor is the god of thunder, rain and farming in Nordic mythology. He is the son of Odin - the ruler of the Aesir and the supreme god of war, poetry, knowledge and wisdom. Thor is the foremost of the gods of the common man and is widely worshipped. As a weapon, Thor owns the hammer Mjollnir which always returns to him after a throw. The name Thor is still a common name in Scandinavia, and many everyday words originate from Thor, e.g., Thursday and thunder.

Technology for Highly Oriented Research: Program under the Danish Technical Research Councils which fund our activities in 1998-2001.

Say THOR - listen to the Danish pronounciation.


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