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Workshop on Multiple Model approaches to modelling and Control: Interfaces between Control theory and Statistics

The multiple model approach to modelling nonlinear systems has been attracting increasing levels of interest. This workshop aims to bring together researchers from statistics/neural networks with control researchers working in the area of blended or switching systems.

Place: Monday 12th April 1999, IMM, DTU, building 321 room 053.

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Markov Chain Monte Carlo

We make an effort to learn about Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods. The idea has been motivated by the fact MCMC methods are currently a rapidly expanding area, both theoretically and not the leastin in terms of applications.

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IEEE Neural Networks for Signal Processing 2000: December 11-13, 2000; Sydney, Australia.
(Deadline for submission full paper: March 31, 2000)

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Advanced methods for non-parametric modelling

In this course we teach non-linear, non-parametric modelling. We will discuss the fundamental issues involved in modelling and describe some prominent methods including both non-Bayesian and Bayesian approaches to neural networks. The choice of topics is not exhaustive, but rather governed by our experience and personal inclinations.

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