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My Professional Life

I was born in Virum, Denmark, in 1969. I recieved the M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in september 1994. The title of my thesis is "Protein Secondary Structure Prediction using Neural Networks". Unfortunately it is only available in Danish, but a god summary of large parts can be found in my paper "Improving Secondary Structure Prediction Using Structured Neural Networks and Multiple Sequence Alignments".

Currently I am a Ph.D. student at Electronics Institute, Technical University of Denmark with Steffen Duus Hansen and Anders Krogh (Sanger Centre, Cambridge UK) as supervisors. My primary research interests comprise Hidden Markov Models (HMM) and Neural Networks (NN) for use in speech recognition and computational biology.

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Institute adress

Department of Mathematical Modelling
Section for Digital Signal Processing
Building 305
Technical University of Denmark
DK-2800 Lyngby

Phone:  +45 45253 3920
E-mail: sr@imm.dtu.dk

Private address

Egebjerghaven 99
DK-2750 Ballerup
Phone:  +45 4468 7468

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