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Lars Nonboe Andersen

My Professional Life

I am a Ph.D. student at the Section for Digital Signal Processing at the Department of Mathematical Modelling, Technical University of Denmark. My supervisors are Dr. Lars Kai Hansen, DSP, IMM, DTU and Dr. Whitlow Au, MMRP, UH.

The subject of my Ph.D. is "The Dolphin Sonar System" and I am working with mathematical models of the dolphin auditory system and artificial neural networks.

Here you can watch a cylinder rotating in a tank:


  • Lars Nonboe Andersen and Lars Kai Hansen
    Regularized Parameter Estimation in an Inhomogeneous Cellular Network
    [abstract] [ps.Z]

  • L.K. Hansen, L. Nonboe Andersen, U. Kjems, J. Larsen
    Revisiting Boltzmann Learning: Parameter Estimation in Markov Random Fields
    In Proceedings of International Conference on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing, Atlanta, GA, May 1996.
    Keywords: Boltzmann Learning, Markov Random Fields
    [abstract] [ps.Z]

  • Lars Nonboe Andersen, Jan Larsen, Lars Kai Hansen and Mads Hintz-Madsen
    Adaptive Regularization of Neural Classifiers
    submitted for NNSP'97, Florida, September 1997.
    Keywords: Regularization, Pruning, Classification
    [abstract] [ps.Z]


    Institute address

    Section for Digital Signal Processing
    Department of Mathematical Modelling
    Building 305 2. floor
    Technical University of Denmark
    DK-2800 Lyngby

    Phone: (+45) 45 25 38 99

    Private address

    Lars Nonboe Andersen
    Lyngbygaardsvej 67, 2. th.
    2800 Lyngby

    Phone: (+45) 45 87 81 19

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