Independent Component Analysis


Lars Kai Hansen
Department of Mathematical Modelling
Technical University
of Denmark B321
DK-2800 Lyngby,

Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is a new signal processing research field

for unsupervised learning of independent effects in multivariate signals.

There are a number of comprehensive Web presentations of ICA research

(See eg.: Terry Sejnowskis / Te-Won Lee's page)

I first became interested in ICA in the mid-90’s and my first work was done

during a San Diego visit (Oct 97 - Mar 98) after discussions with the Sejnowski group.
The ISP-group’s
ICA research concerns methods and applications in neuroimaging,

and in text-analysis. We offer two Matlab toolboxes


·        lyngby’ for neuroimaging (with ICA based on dynamic decorrelation)


·        DTU:Toolbox (Infomax, dynamic decorrelation, ‘mean field ICA’, demo scripts)


ICA Publications


 (Note: You can access many of the pdf/ps files

  through the publication pages  or   via citeseer):




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ISBN-87-985750-8-2, June 1998.