Visualizing Neural Networks Using Saliency Maps, (6 pages, 271K). Niels Moerch, Ulrik Kjems, L. K. Hansen, C. Svarer, S. C. Strother, Kelly Rehm. IEEE Proceedings ICNN'95.

A Non-linear 3D brain co-registration method. Choose one of 3 files : 11 pages 1275k (all of it), 8 pages, 327k (excl. figures), 3 pages, 949k (only figures). Ulrik Kjems, L. K. Hansen, C. T. Chen. Proceedings of the Interdisciplinary Inversion Workshop 4, Lyngby 1996. Methodology and Applications in Geophysics, Astronomy, Geodesy and Physics. Ed: P. C. Hansen, IMM, Technical University of Denmark.

Revealing Structural Effects Using Anatomical Warps (157K). 1996. Neuroimage 3(Part 2) 2nd Int. Conf. Functional Mapping of the Human Brain.

Bayesian Signal Processing and Interpretation of Brain Images. U. Kjems 1998. PhD thesis, Department of Mathematical Modelling, Technical University of Denmark.

A note on parallel programming on SGI multiprocessor computers using IRIX power C is also available: Parallel programming using IRIX Power C (1054 K compressed postscript)

A New Unix Toolbox for Non-linear Warping of MR Brain Images Applied to A 15-O water PET Functional Experiment (1 page,  41K compressed postscript)1999 HBM meeting in Dusseldorf.

Enhancing the Multivariate Signal of 15-0 water PET Studies With a New Non-Linear Neuroanatomical Registration Algorithm, (17 pages, 561K compressed postscript)U. Kjems, S. C. Strother, J. Anderson, I. Law, L. K. Hansen. In press, IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging.

See also the digital signal processing group's publication database .

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