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The VOLIO library  consists of a set of ANSI C-functions for reading and writing ANALYZE, XPRIME and VAPET format volumes.

You can download the files volio.c and volio.h from here.

Non-linear 3D MRI warping program

Also available is the non-linear registration package for warping of MRI images.
Download ANSI C source code mriwarp.tar.gz (105K).  Unix man-pages are included for most of the programs.

 Matlab 5.x MEX files for reading and writing volumes

With this package you can load and save ANALYZE, VAPET and XPRIME files in Matlab 5.x. voliomatlab-1.02.tar.gz
There's also a function for reading Roger Woods' AIR-files.

An interactive 3-plane volume browser shv.m is included in the package.

Here's a snapshot.  Download voliomatlab.tar.gz (47K).

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