PhD Student

I am working on my PhD thesis which is a cooperation between

Section for Digital Signal Processing
Department of Mathematical Modelling
The Technical University of Denmark
& Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance
Hvidovre Hospital
Copenhagen, Denmark

In my project I will make Magnetic Resonance Measurements using Gd-DTPA as a Paramagnetic Contrast Agent.
From these measurements I will, by the means of Bayesian Statistics, determine the tracerkinetic model and
parameters that most likely describe the kinetics between the MR-signal and the perfusion level.


Department of Mathematical Modelling
Technical University of Denmark
Building 305
2800 Lyngby

tel: (+45) 45 25 38 99

Danish Research Center for Magnetic Resonance
Hvidovre Hospital
Section 340 - MR
2650 Hvidovre

tel: (+45) 36 32 29 78

Other Activities

Copenhagen Swing Shoes Copenhagen Swing Shoes is THE place to dance Boogie, Jitterbug or Lindy Hop in Copenhagen.
I sing in Polyfoni Polyfoni is the university choir at DTU

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