ABSTRACT OF Prof. Kung's Tutorial


Friday September 6, 14:00-18:00

The rapid advances in intelligent processing technologies have revolutionized the conception of information processing. This short course will explore a unified framework for adaptive information processing system for wireless communication systems. More specifically, the transmitter/receiver diversities in p-input-q-output MIMO channels will play a key role in 3G and 4G wireless communication. The major challenge in MIMO signal recovery is the mitigation of the inevitable ISI (Inter-Symbol Interference) and ICI (Inter-Channel Interference) in multipath MIMO channels. We shall explore a novel (Bezout) system theoretical approach to broadband MIMO communication systems and demonstrate how nonlinear filtering may enable the equalizer to acheive Shannon Capacity. The course topics will include: (1) Bell-Lab's BLAST techniques for narrowband MIMO wireless systems, (2) Bezout equalization techniques for broadband MIMO wireless systems, and (3) Space-Time precoder techniques for broadband MIMO Channels.